With the FWD Sportscard™ app, you can analyze every shot. Compare your performance during practices and games. Plan training sessions with specific goals. Share your stats on social networks. Set up challenges at any time and monitor the performance of other players.

The FWD SportscardTM
is easy to use

Access your virtual hockey card,
where you will find your summary
and recent events.

Simply sign in with your Facebook account or use your email address to create your own FWD Sportscard account. Once the application has been configured, go to the “Live” zone to view your results in real time. Your shot data is recorded by the sensor and transmitted automatically to the Sportscardtm app when you’re nearby. After a game or practice, you can easily view, compare and analyze your performance.

Analyzing data with FWD SportscardTM

FWD Sportscard analyses your every shots and computes your performance score.
Sportscards pinpoints the techniques you must improve, and highlight your strengths.

The “Score”
Unique value that
quantifies the quality
of your shot

Stick speed
This is the maximum speed achieved by the stick blade. Such speed is usually reached just before the blade makes contact with the ice.

The angle is the maximum
amplitude of the swing. This is
a measurement (in degrees)
of the size of your backswing.

Flex Gain™
The estimated speed gain transferred from your flexing stick to the puck.

The time required to complete
the shot. This is calculated as the
time between the start of your
back swing, and the impact with
the puck.

Weight transfer
This metric quantifies the intensity of your whole
body power transfer. It is a combination of the
acceleration gained by shifting body weight
and the motion of your arms.

Rotation speed
The rotation speed is the angular velocity of
the stick in degrees per second. It can be
expressed as the speed with which the stick
performs the circular motion of the shot.

Distribution of your shots based on their scores. From BAD, to OK, to GOOD. You can get a quick overview of your improvement from game to game, and even over your whole hockey career!

Type of shots
Distribution of the types of shot you pull out during your games. See what are your weapons of choice.

Score progression
Keep track of your Score progression over time and appreciate the fruits of your training.

Data list
For the data savvy hockey specialist, every data, about every shots, are available for your experienced eye to make your own assessment.

Compare your
with friends

View your ranking in the standings and
compare your performance to that of
the players you follow.

For each game or training session, every shot will be recorded in your events. Your average score let you compete on the leaderboards.

Access your events

Share your results on social networks.

Select a recent events from your Sportscardtm to review your shots, write a comment or just share them. Check the activity of people you follow and see comments they leave on your events and the “likes” you receive.

The sharing features allow you to easily share your performance on social networks. Get instant notifications when a new player follows you or when someone “Likes” or comments one of your events.