FWD Powershottm
The world's FIRST advanced
sensor for hockey sticks.

The FWD PowershotTM allows you to measure the power and speed of your shot and the amplitude and execution speed of your swing. Analyze your performance, watch your progress and compare results with your teammates.

Track, compare and share

The speed
of the stick

The angle
of your swing

The weight transfer
of your motion

The Flex Gain
produced by your stick

The duration
of your shot

The speed
of your swing rotation

Analyze your performances,
improve your shots and track your
evolution in game situations

  • Use during

  • Analyze
    Execution speed
    Shot speed and power

  • Track during
    a game

  • Compare
    shots during
    game situations

“FWD is transforming hockey with game changing training-to-game transfer technologies that radically enhance how we train to perform.” - Darryl Belfry

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Designed to work with all hockey sticks

A simple way to improve your shot.

Start training today and achieve specific, measurable goals.


A quick and
compact motion

Watch the animation

A fast and precise
downswing motion

Watch the animation

Increase your puck speed by
improving your weight transfer

Watch the animation

Leverage your stick flex
for more powerful shots

Watch the animation

How does FWD PowershotTM work

FWD PowershotTM synchronizes with your mobile device.
You can use it with or without your device nearby


In direct mode
with a mobile device


In record mode
without a mobile device

FWD PowershotTM supported
by the iOS and Android* mobile
operating systems.

Analyze and compare performances with the FWD Sportscard app.

Track your results in real time, view statistics, compare performances with other people and share achievements on social networks with the FWD Sportscardtm app. Set up challenges at any time and monitor the performance of other participants.

*Android 4.3 operating system and more and device with Bluetooth 4.0

Technical Specifications

Battery life
Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  At 20°CAt -8°C
In use: 12 hrs 4 hrs
Sleep mode: 600 hrs 150 hrs
Bluetooth 4.0
Effective range
10 m (may vary depending on stick type)
35 grams
5000 shots
Sticks type
Compatible with junior, intermediate
and senior hollow composite sticks