Created in 2012 by a group of tech-savvy entrepreneurs, Quattriuum specializes in motion tracking and analysis.

Drawing on its team’s specialized expertise in the areas of telecommunications, microelectronics and computing, the company aims to export these competencies to other sectors and increase the range of potential applications.

Measurement and analysis of human gestures

By offering personalized solutions for measuring and analyzing human gestures, Quattriuum is joining an international movement exploring the new frontier of the quantified self. Our experts build movement-tracking technology into attractive and interactive applications that allow you to analyze, present, share and compare results. We develop complex algorithms and high-performance systems dedicated to the quantification and analysis of movement.

Performance analysis tools for amateur and professional sports

Inspired by a deep digital understanding of motivity, Quattriuum is working to create products for sports organizations as well as amateur and professional athletes. We aim to help them understand and improve their individual and collective performances.